The reasons for choosing the course

The course will focus on explaining advanced modeling and documentation techniques in Archicad through the implementation of an office building project. This course will provide detailed step-by-step instructions for students who have experience in using the software and present large-scale modeling projects in ArchiCAD.

Students will be able to directly implement the project model in practice with all the disciptine: Structure – Architecture – MEP

In addition, students will also be guided to use advanced tools built into Archicad software (Teamwork tool, twinmotion, BIMx demonstration tool, …)

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New classes

Class: ACNC_ON_021121

Time Class Tuition Type
Ngày 02/11/2021


3.500.000 VNĐ Online course
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Class: ACNC_ON_221121

Time Class Tuition Type
 22/11/2021 ACNC_ON_221121 3.500.000 VNĐ Online course
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  • Discount 10% for students who register in groups of 3 or more.
  • Discount 10% for students who pay tuition 15 days before the start of the course.
  • Discount 10% for students who are students, students of universities, colleges, intermediate, …
  • Students are allowed to request a refund if the opening schedule is delayed more than 3 times.
  • Support for old students.

Benefis for students


Lesson 1 - Basic setup - Introduce teamwork tools
  1. Reintroduce the interface and tools in Archicad.
  2. Create elevation and grid axis to locate works.Create worksheets plan, elevation, section.
  3. Set the unit.
  4. Set the material for the components (Set the priority, hatch, surface of the material)
  6. Create complex profiles that can be dynamically adjusted when changing parameters and materials
  7. Set texture for materials.
  8. Specify the properties of the object (Column, FNDN, Slab, …)
  9. Components control (Use filter to quickly select members)
  10. Create Layers, Layer Combinations, Groups, Set shortcut commands.
  11. Hotlink
  12. BIMcloud
Lesson 2 - Building Structure modeling
  1. Analysis of structural drawings
  2. Arrangement of foundation structure system: Piles, Foundation deck, Foundation beam.
  3. Install rendering tools
  4. Advanced instructions and application of tools: Wall, Profile,,.
  5. Arrange the structure system: Beams, Columns, Walls, Floors, creating Ramp slopes.
  6. How to create profile beams (self-align the plaster layer).
  7. Create Ramp complex designs.
  8. General practice
  9. Checking model
  10. Q&A
Lesson 3 - Building Architecture modeling
  1. Analysis of structural drawings
  2. Create Object doors, windows, other objects as desired.
  3. Add external libraries.
  4. Tools: Stair, Railing, Curtain, Profile, Morph….
  5. General practice
  6. Checking model
  7. Landscape, terrain.
  8. Create points, elevations, roads, sidewalks
Lesson 4 - Building MEP modeling
  1. MEP tools
  2. General practice
Lesson 5 - Export data
  1. Create a statistical table of information in the model
  2. Attribute manager parameter table management
  3. Set up View Map, Layout, Presentation and export drawings.
  4. Introduction to Render integration – Practice Render tool in Archicad
  5. BIMx