Energy Modelling and Building performance simulation

VILANDCO provide following modeling and simulation consultancy services:

Building Energy Modelling (BEM): simulation to project how much energy a building will consume. This projection can be compared to a simulation of a similar building without any energy efficient features, which is called a baseline model. This offers real benefits in saving energy and and we are of the few experts in Vietnam able to offer this service.

Daylighting Simulation: Calculate daylight credits for LEED, BREEAM and Green Star certification schemes. Generate high quality contour plots to illustrate daylight availability and glare within each zone, block or slice through the whole building. Summary daylight performance data can be shown in tabular reports. Accurate multi-zone daylight simulation including transmission of light through exterior and interior windows and reflection from all surfaces.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD): simulate the effects of wind on buildings and natural ventilation through CFD simulation. This can be used to analyse the impact of surrounding buildings or topography on prevailing winds or analyse and improve the effectiveness of natural ventilation strategies.