Green Building certification consulting

Why is green building important?

Green Building is an important factor for sustainable development when we are facing undeniable impacts of climate change. Meeting human needs while limiting the negative impacts on the ecosystem is the main objective of Green Building. Furthermore, there are many tangible benefits in the immediate and short term for developers and building owners. The extra cost for a green building is smaller than what is generally perceived (overseas research suggests 0-12.5%, where 12.5% was for a zero carbon building) and the first few Green Building projects in Vietnam are showing that the cost of Green Building is following these overseas trends. Green Building Benefits include:

  • Energy consumption 25-30% less compared to a standard code compliant building
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Less waste and emissions
  • Better management and maintenance
  • Savings for ongoing running costs 10-25% higher mental function and memory when they have access to external views
  • Students achieve 5-14% higher test scores with access to natural daylight 11% increase in staff productivity with adequate ventilation
  • Occupancy rates, rental returns and resale price consistently higher than standard stock buildings

So even from a monetary perspective, Green Building has been shown to have reasonable returns on investment, to save in the long run on operational costs and also give developers and building owners a significant edge in this competitive market.