Our company has assisted various developers, which are both domestic and international companies, in achieving their sustainable targets for their buildings. The consultants from our company consists of LEED Accredited Professionals (APs), LEED Green Associate (GA), LOTUS APs, EDGE Expert, Commissioning Specialists, Energy Modeling Specialists, Daylighting Simulation Specialists and Energy Engineers with working experience and knowledge of Vietnamese building design and environmental conditions, as well as international practices.

Our project team engineers and consulting experts equipped with working knowledge of Vietnamese construction standard, LOTUS, LEED, EDGE requirements and have current and relevant experiences working on Green certification accrediting projects. In addition, we also have the in-house capabilities to conduct Energy Modeling award, as well as Daylighting simulations. Such in-house capabilities are critical in ensuring timely and valuable input to sustainable design and hence, achieve cost savings for the owner of the building.

Vision and Mission

The company aims to ensure harmony between humans and the natural environment in any project we undertake.

Since the beginning of the Green Building movement in Vietnam, VILANDCO has been involved to become one of the leading specialist consulting firms in Vietnam. We have in-house software and simulation capabilities as well as experience in certification and the latest Green Building trends and strategies.