Things you may not know about ARCHICAD

Archicad is the first BIM software in the world since 1984. Archicad software was developed by architects and for architects users, through many times of upgrading and perfecting features, until the time The current version is Archicad 23. Vietnamese architects who can use Archicad can see the advantages of this software compared to other BIM tools.


In many countries with a developed construction market, Archicad is a very popular BIM software and has a larger market share than the rest of its competitors. Data from the Japanese market (pictured below) shows that the largest construction & architecture companies such as Nikken Sekkei, Obayashi, Shimizu, Kajima … are all using this software. This is also an opportunity for architectural consulting firms, BIM consultants in Vietnam, once they have mastered Archicad software, to cooperate or outsource to Japanese companies and other countries.

For small consulting companies, Archicad software will help improve the performance and quality of work, especially when combined with Graphisoft’s BIMx software.


VILANDCO is currently an official distributor, technical support and training unit for Graphisoft’s software including Archicad, BIMx and BIMcloud. You who are interested in these softwares can contact us at the information below for support:


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