Mô phỏng năng lượng

The BEM Software Training is a specialist training program centered upon energy simulation and building performance analysis. Here at VILANDCO, we provide a series of courses — from Basic and Advanced, to Expert levels. Referencing DesignBuilder UK’s training program, the content of this program is specifically adapted for the Vietnamese market. 

Our Basic and Advanced courses are designed for architects; engineers specializing in construction, electromechanical, energy, and environment; and those who are interested in energy-saving and design optimization. In the Advanced Thematic courses, students can delve into varied topics related to energy simulation and building performance — at design, construction, and operation stages — enabling them to master useful knowledge and skills necessary for their subject(s) of choice. 

Through the training program, we aim to promote the application of energy simulation and building performance analysis (in the designing, constructing, and operating stages) of the construction works in Vietnam. These efforts will contribute to the national goal of energy saving and environmental protection toward a sustainable development for the future. 

Upon completing the course, students will obtain:

  • A certificate of completion of the course
  • Earned points from the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC); for those awarded the LOTUS AP certification
  • Discounts on tuition fees for future courses organization by DesignBuilder Vietnam (DBVN)

Moreover, to achieve the goal of community development on energy simulation and building performance analysis in Vietnam, students and trainers alike can stand to benefit from DBVN’s curriculum, as elaborated below:  

  • Students who completed the Basic & Advanced Courses (1 – 3) will be recognized as a DBVN Expert. These students are shortlisted for a opportunities by DBVN to participate in projects related to energy simulation and building performance analysis, green building consulting projects, etc. 
  • Upon participating in the Training Course, trainers become experts with experience and ability in teaching; where they will be recognized as a DBVN Instructor. Depending on their ability and experience, these instructors are also invited to teach at DBVN’s training courses; Basic to Expert levels. 

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