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The Viet Land Investment Consulting and Construction Joint-Stock Company (VILANDCO JSC) was established in 2007, initially with architectural design consulting, interiors and construction consulting works as the main areas of activity. The company aims to ensure harmony between humans and the natural environment in any project they undertake. VILANDCO is currently a champion member of the Viet Nam Green Building Council (VGBC), a non-governmental organisation established with the objective of promoting the development of energy efficient and environmentally friendly buildings in Vietnam.

Since the beginning of the Green Building movement in Vietnam, VILANDCO has been involved to become one of the leading specialist consulting firms in Vietnam. We have in-house software and simulation capabilities as well as experience in certification and the latest Green Building trends and strategies. VILANDCO Green Building Design and Consulting PDF Brochure

Since 2015, VILANDCO has been appointed by Designbuilder Software Ltd. (UK) to be Reseller for Vietnam's market which includes sale, technical support and software training for clients in Vietnam. Designbuilder software is an advanced energy modeling tool with easy-to-use interface. This enables the whole design team to use the same software to develop comfortable and energy-efficient building designs from concept through to completion. Introduction to Design Builder Brochure (Vietnamese)

From 2020, Vilandco also collaborated with GRAPHISOFT to become their Official Distributor of ARCHICAD Software in Vietnam. ARCHICAD is a tool for architects working in the architecture-engineering-construction (AEC) industry for designing buildings from the conceptual phase all through to construction phase. It is a BIM software developed by GRAPHISOFT enabling architects to work in a BIM (Building Information Modeling/Management) environment. ARCHICAD works on two platforms: macOS and Windows - with no major differences between them.

Why Green Building?

There are many reasons why we can recommend Green Building design. The first and most obvious reason is our responsibility protecting the environment for our own benefit and even more so for future generations. However, there are also tangible benefits in the immediate and short term for developers and building owners. It is important to note, the extra cost for a green building is smaller than what is generally perceived (overseas research suggests 0-12.5%, where 12.5% was for a zero carbon building) and the first few Green Building projects in Vietnam are showing that the cost of Green Building is following these overseas trends. Green Building Benefits include:

  • Energy consumption 25-30% less compared to a standard code compliant building
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Less waste and emissions
  • Better management and maintenance
  • Savings for ongoing running costs
  • 10-25% higher mental function and memory when they have access to external views
  • Students achieve 5-14% higher test scores with access to natural daylight
  • 11% increase in staff productivity with adequate ventilation
  • Occupancy rates, rental returns and resale price consistently higher than standard stock buildings

So even from a monetary perspective, Green Building has been shown to have reasonable returns on investment, to save in the long run on operational costs and also give developers and building owners a significant edge in this competitive market.

Our Services

  • Green Building/Energy Efficient Design
  • Our design consulting will help you reach tangible green building or energy efficiency goals. Through simulation and calculation we can measure the performance of the building envelope and selection of equipment. This evaluation is key in offering the best holistic design solutions for given project requirements and surrounding environmental factors.
  • LEED, LOTUS, The EDGE, BCA Green Mark Certification
  • Our team of LEED and LOTUS APs, Edge Auditors and green building specialists can ensure a smooth path for your project achieving its certification goals. Our team keeps up to date with building rating tools and has thorough knowledge of the advantages and challenges of each tool.
  • High Performance Building Design Consultancy
  • When a building has specific energy efficiency requirements, our consulting can ensure that the most effective strategies are selected and all systems designs are optimised.
  • Energy Efficient Facade Design
  • Vilandco consults on facade design by evaluating and optimising the facade for energy efficiency while maintaining the benefits of daylighting and natural ventilation. We ensure that the solution works not only for green building, but that our recommendations fit the best with the architecture also.
  • Passive Design Analysis
  • Passive Design uses architecture to maximise the climatic benefits and minimise the energy required to heat or cool a building. With a thorough knowledge of the principles of passive design we can evaluate a design. Using simulation we can give a visual representation of the effectiveness of passive design strategies in a building.
  • Energy Modelling
  • We are experienced in using Design Builder simulation to project how much energy a building will consume. This projection can be compared to a simulation of a similar building without any energy efficient features, which is called a baseline model. This offers real benefits in saving energy and and we are of the few experts in Vietnam able to offer this service.
  • Computer Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Simulation
  • We use Designbuilder to simulate the effects of wind on buildings and natural ventilation through CFD simulation. This can be used to analyse the impact of surrounding buildings or topography on prevailing winds or analyse and improve the effectiveness of natural ventilation strategies.

Vilandco People


Kien has been the director of VILANDCO since 2007. He graduated from the University of Architecture (Hanoi) and then went on to complete a graduate course in Architectural Management at the London South Bank University (UK). Kien has 10 years of experience in architectural design and construction project management. Kien currently specialises in Green Building consulting and is a LOTUS Accredited Professional. Kien continues to be involved with the activities of the VGBC; development of LOTUS Rating Tools, assessment of LOTUS projects as well as Green Building and LOTUS Accredited Professional training programs.



Tim (Australia) specialises in Green Building consulting and is a LOTUS Accredited Professional. Tim graduated from his Bachelor of Design in Architecture and Urban Design and then continued on to complete his Masters degree in Architecture at the University of Sydney. He has experience working in Architecture firms in Australia, Japan and Vietnam. He has also worked for the VGBC in developing the LOTUS rating tools. He joined VILANDCO in 2013.



Bill studied Building & Architecture at London’s Northern Polytechnic followed by HVCA and Mechanical Engineering at the Borough Polytechnic. For 20 years a senior designer in construction, he began innovating and advocating renewable energy technologies and sustainable building solutions as early as 1960. His innovative work includes the ECHOES methodology (linking climatic impact and every other aspect of design), development of solar energy collecting roads and infrastructure, thermo-labyrinth warming and cooling and many other world-wide projects as a professional consultant. He now lives in the Netherlands where he advises on major international projects while remaining a visiting lecturer at the London South Bank University.


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