Research & Development

As a pioneer in the fields of green building and performance simulation, VILANDCO prides itself on its active collaboration with domestic and international organizations, as well as universities in topics related to green building and building performance, and scientific researches.

Part of the VILANDCO team comprises experts that are currently teaching at prestigious Vietnam universities, and who have conducted scientific research for specialized Vietnamese and international journals. These experts are also members of the Council for Evaluation & Acceptance of Scientific Research Projects of the Ministry of Construction, chaired by the Department of Science and Technology.

VILANDCO also frequently participates in a spectrum of activities that are sponsored by NGOs such as UNDP, USAID, and VGBC to raise awareness in the community about environmental protection, combating climate change, efficient use of technologies, and more.

Separately, VILANDCO is a member of a research group alongside universities and consulting companies from France, Belgium, and Vietnam; to conduct a research project on urban and building design toward sustainable development goals. This program i.e., BREVES — funded by the European Union — encompasses the proposal of suitable solutions for construction investment projects and urban planning in Vietnam.

Realizing the importance of global citizenship, VILANDCO also warmly welcomes students and lecturers from universities all around the globe with open arms. Among them are internships and visits from KU Leuven (Belgium), La Reunion (France), Utrecht University (Netherlands), and Singapore Management University (SMU).

In a nutshell, the following are VILANDCO‘s research and development (R&D) initiatives:

  • Cooperation in scientific research and technology transfers
  • Collaboration with universities through internships or training programs 
  • Partnerships with scientific councils of the Ministry of Construction and the National Institute of Architecture in developing policies to promote the green building developments in Vietnam
  • Participation in scientific research projects on green buildings, energy-efficient buildings, as well as sustainable urban development with universities in Vietnam