Developed by DesignBuilder Software Ltd (United Kingdom), DesignBuilder is an energy simulation software for buildings. The software uses the most advanced and accurate Energyplus calculation kernel available today — with a simple, intuitive interface. 

DesignBuilder was developed with architects and engineers in mind. Through its useful tools, one can easily optimize design solutions and harmonize the interests of investors at each design stage.

DesignBuilder enables you to:

  • Easily compare design alternatives
  • Optimize design at any stage with client’s variable objectives
  • Model even complex buildings quickly
  • Effortlessly import existing BIM and CAD design data
  • Generate impressive rendered images and movies
  • Simplify EnergyPlus thermal simulations

DesignBuilder combines advanced energy simulation with the fastest modeling technology on the market so that architects, engineers, and energy assessors can reduce a building’s impact on the environment.

Since 2015, VILANDCO has been appointed to be the official agent for DesignBuilder in Vietnam. As the official agent, VILANDCO’s services span sales, technical support, and software training for clients in Vietnam. 


DesignBuilder Software Packages

A completely modular solution, DesignBuilder comprises a core 3D modeler and 10 modules that work together to provide in-depth analysis for any building.  Every module fully integrates with its counterparts, so you can pick individual modules or choose one of our packages.

Our software packages contain the most common module combinations for each class of user (as shown below). Modules can also be purchased separately, and a site network license with any combination of modules is also available.


  • For Architects – if you are designing a renovation or new build project, DesignBuilder is perfect for early design stage simulations.
  • For Engineers – minimize the ‘energy gap’ for your clients with DesignBuilder’s advanced modeling.
  • For academic institutions – DesignBuilder functions as a quick and easy-to-learn educational tool; allowing the teaching to focus on design and simulation issues.


  • 3D Modeller – the core module, our efficient 3D building modeler
  • Visualization– stunning rendered images and site shading analyses
  • Certification – EPCs and Part-L2 calculations in UK & Ireland
  • Simulation – EnergyPlus simulations for energy and comfort analyses
  • Daylighting – reports daylight factors and illuminance using Radiance
  • HVAC – a powerful and flexible interface to EnergyPlus HVAC
  • Cost – early stage building cost estimations
  • LEED – LEED EAp2 and ASHRAE 90.1 calculations.
  • Optimization – multi-criteria optimization to help meet design goals
  • Scripting – CustomiseEnergyPlus simulations using EMS or FMU
  • CFD – Computational Fluid Dynamics calculates the distribution of air properties in and around buildings