Building Information Modeling (BIM)



Short for Building Information Modeling, the term ‘BIM’ was first used in 1992. Today, BIM is defined as a modern engineering design method for creating 3D building models with detailed information about system components, and virtual reality sessions of the building before construction. BIM is applicable to all design fields — from architectural and structural design, to MEP.

As the distribution representative, training, and technical support for GRAPHISOFT in Vietnam, VILANDCO continuously researches, develops, and provides BIM service packages to support partners through every step of the way in their project development process.

The following outlines some of VILANDCO’s BIM services:

MEP Design Consultancy


MEP design consulting services complies with BIM standards

To meet the requirements of BIM, VILANDCO offers design and consulting services for electromechanical and refrigeration systems. Honing over 10 years of experience in consulting, designing, simulating, and optimizing designs, we are confident of the quality and standards of our design models, which are likewise being optimized for associated expenses. 

Some of the following items that VILANDCO supports its customers in are: water supply and drainage systems, electronic systems (e.g., lighting, cable tray systems), refrigeration system design (e.g., HVAC, ventilation), light electrical systems, and more. 


BIM (3D) Model

BIM 3D Modeling Service

As a team of highly experienced experts in software use and project implementation, VILANDCO seeks to assist customers in building and standardizing BIM models from input data (2D CAD or PDF drawings). 

We can undertake effective implementation for the subjects: Architecture – Structure – MEP – Interior – Landscape

VILANDCO services a range of clients — from investors, and design consultants, to general contractors.

Digital Transformation Consultancy

Consulting services for digital transformation

To support our clients in making the shift from traditional 2D working methods to standard BIM workflows, we provide a digital transformation consulting package to get businesses up to speed for the process (i.e., AEC integration process).

Our services include: 

  1. Support to build BIM-implemented staff in the enterprise
  2. Training to use software intensively and apply it in real projects
  3. Support to order genuine software with a preferential price 
  4. Technical support and transfer of working process (in accordance with the BIM standard process)


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