Green Building Certification Consulting

Now more than ever, sustainable development is at the heart of most businesses across the globe. 

VILANDCO provides green building certification consulting services — where support is given to clients (i.e., individuals and/or businesses) that are on a hunt for optimal solutions. VILANDCO helps value-add to the client’s project according to their specified requirements and goals; while increasing work-study productivity, and deriving cost benefits (e.g., construction costs). Other services include construction management, as well as operation and maintenance for projects. 

During the project implementation phase, VILANDCO works closely with all relevant parties from start to finish — even after the project is certified — to reap the highest efficiency for the project in terms of management, performance, and costs.

VILANDCO’s Green Building Certification Consulting Services include: 

  • Evaluation of the feasibility study for the project (FS)
  • Green building certification consulting
  • Basic and advanced acceptance for the project (CxA)
  • Energy simulation
  • Project life cycle assessment (LCA)
  • Consults on Green Building certifications including certification systems: LEED, LOTUS, EDGE, GREEN MARK