Energy Efficiency Solutions

Consulting for energy efficiency works at the design & operation stage: consulting services on evaluating and analyzing design and operation documents based on the requirements of the National Technical Regulation on construction works building energy efficiency — QCVN 09:2017/BXD.

Energy and cost optimization consulting: provides optimal advice on cost benefits, based on the energy consumption in the building. Simulation-based assessment and analysis of parameters based on design and operational profiles, risk analysis in simulation output based on inaccuracies in specific inputs. Sensitivity analysis reports on design variables that have a large/small impact on the main simulation results of the building. Offer options to help choose the optimal design, operation, and cost.

Green Building Information Modeling Consulting Green BIM: this is an application of BIM to provide data for energy performance and sustainability assessments. Green BIM also includes the application of Building Energy Modeling (BEM) and involves energy optimization to improve the energy efficiency of buildings along with sustainable design and construction practices throughout the building’s life circle.

Consulting for Acceptance – Test (CxA): this is an activity to ensure that the project is operating in accordance with the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR). It is an effective method to improve the performance of the system and equipment within the building. Properly-accepted buildings typically have fewer operational errors, are more energy efficient, and generally have lower operating and maintenance costs.

Post-Operation Evaluation Consultancy (POE): this is an activity necessary to evaluate the performance of a user’s post-commissioning facility, provide solutions to improve, and support productivity and health for project users.