Wistron Infocomm was awarded LEED v4 BD+C for New Construction and Major Renovations

In June 2022, Wistron Factory (Ha Nam, Vietnam) was officially awarded LEED v4 BD+C: New Construction and Major Renovations level Silver by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

VILANDCO – as a LEED Green Building Consultant, has accompanied the Owner and Wistron Infocomm Factory project to achieve LEED v4 BD+C Silver certification for the complex of 2 factories and ancillary items.

Due to the relatively late application of Green Building, the Project inevitably needs additional changes and incurs initial investment costs, as well as due to the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic also affected small to the completion of the project. However, with the determination and efforts of the Owner and the participants, the result achieved is the recognition of the US Green Building Council, which shows the Owner’s vision of the importance of Green Building and the qualifications of the Consulting Company.

Some outstanding green features of the Project can be mentioned as follows:

  • Apply Integrated Design Process.
  • 96.21% of reduction parking footprint. 100% Covered Parking.
  • Open Space reached 30.9%
  • Outdoor Water Use Reduction through irrigation by 88%
  • Indoor Potable Water Use Reduction by 53.08%.
  • 23.8% reduction in annual energy consumption
  • Renewable energy accounted for 8.81% of the total energy consumption.
  • 100% use space control thermal comfort and lighting.
  • Application of Enhanced Commissioning, green awareness education, sustainable purchasing,…

This will be a premise for increasing the efficiency of the project’s operation stage, increasing the benefits for investors as well as creating a position for products, are produced in the Green factories in the international market.

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